Forward Leeds is the alcohol and drug service for Leeds. We help people choose not to misuse alcohol and drugs and reduce risk-taking behaviour through dedicated prevention, intervention and support.

We will support you to help achieve and sustain recovery from alcohol and drug misuse through a range of treatments. We offer a range of support and advice to people no matter how simple or complex their needs are.

Working with you

Our experienced and professional team members will work with you to plan your own recovery journey from drugs and/or alcohol. This might be fast-track or longer-term active recovery work.

The services we offer people coming into treatment include:

Your Journey in Forward Leeds

At your first appointment you’ll meet with a key worker to assess your needs and establish the best support. Your key worker will help you to identify clear goals.

During your time with Forward Leeds you will work together to achieve those agreed goals.

To support you in your journey with us we encourage you to attend appointments and take advantage of a range of group work/social time activities that take place daily in each of the hubs.

We will be led by you, as you’re the one that will be putting in much of the hard work. You will already have many coping skills and past experiences of what works and what doesn’t for you. Remember though, we have a great deal of experience of what works and many of our staff are in recovery themselves.

When you are ready to leave Forward Leeds you will be introduced to the sustained recovery team and 5 WAYS. If needed, you can get further one to one support or simply become a member of 5 WAYS. Here you will meet like-minded people, get a real feel for the recovery community in Leeds and be more equipped to sustain your recovery.

Sustained Recovery & 5 Ways @ the Recovery Academy

As well as our three hubs in Leeds, Forward Leeds also operates 5 WAYS @ the Recovery Academy. 5 WAYS is a place for people in recovery and those who are coming to the end of their treatment.

It provides a safe and comfortable environment for people to gain support, advice and guidance. 5 WAYS hosts a range of activities including; mindfulness, The Lost Plot (allotment) guitar lessons, dance fit, yoga and structured group work programmes to support cravings, next steps and improve overall wellbeing to help people to stay focussed on their recovery.

People can also access a range of courses including; Improving your Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Progress to Recovery and Peer Mentoring.

Forward Leeds offers advice and guidance around education training and employment for those ready to take the next steps in their recovery. This includes help and support in applying for courses and jobs.

Forward Leeds wish you all the best in your journey with us.