Forward Leeds supports people to achieve and sustain recovery from alcohol and drug misuse through a range of treatments. As Forward Leeds is a single organisation offering a complete choice of services we are able to provide help to anyone no matter how simple or complex their needs.

We deliver the same range of services across Leeds from three hubs. In Seacroft, Armley and Kirkgate in the city centre. Our dedicated Single Point of Contact phone service, which handles 24,000 calls a month, can also offer support over the phone. We also offer ongoing support and aftercare at 5 Ways.

Working with clients

Our experienced and professional teams work with individuals to plan their own recovery journey from drugs and/or alcohol. This might be fast track work or longer term active recovery work. All clients are allocated a key worker to support them throughout their treatment.

Among the services we offer people coming into treatment are:

  • One-to-one support
  • Structured group therapy work on a range of topics
  • Support for family members – involving them in recovery when appropriate
  • Health and wellbeing checks, health screenings, blood testing and vaccinations from our medical team
  • Support on reducing the harm of drugs and overdose prevention
  • Substitute medication for certain drugs
  • Detox within the community/at home or at a rehab centre
  • Peer mentors for additional support
  • Specialised support for those with complex needs such as housing, enduring mental health issues or pregnancy