Let’s Talk About Women…


This innovative session will explore issues relating to women when considering accessing drug and alcohol treatment services.


In the UK from 2022/23 more than two thirds of people in treatment were men and less than one third were women (68%men to 32%women). This disproportion may reflect gender inequalities in the use of substances. However, evidence suggests that women face distinct barriers in accessing treatment.

This course will cover:

  • The evidence around women’s drug and alcohol use
  • Stigma and barriers
  • Access to treatment
  • Hormones and pregnancy
  • Motherhood and childcard
  • Women and intermate relationships
  • Considerations for change
  • What support is available in Leeds

To book a place on the training course detailed above please email prevention@forwardleeds.co.uk with details of the course and your preferred date

These courses will be run Face to Face. Venue to be confirmed nearer the time.


10th September 10 – 1pm

17th September 12-3pm

Forward Leeds Training in collaboration with – Faye Baird (drug and alcohol co-ordinator) Early Help Workforce Development Co-ordinator and Jennifer Palfreeman (Drug and Alcohol) Workforce Development trainer.