How we can help

We will support you to help achieve your goals around your alcohol and/or drug issues through a range of treatments. That might be stopping completely or just cutting down. You can set your own goals.

Working with you

Our experienced and professional team members will work with you to plan your own journey. This might be fast-track or longer-term active recovery work.

The services we offer people coming into treatment include:

  • One-to-one support
  • Structured group therapy work on a range of topics
  • Support for family members – involving them in recovery when appropriate
  • Health and wellbeing checks, health screenings, blood testing and vaccinations from our medical team
  • Support on reducing the harm of drugs and overdose prevention
  • Substitute medication for certain drugs
  • Detox within the community/at home or at a rehab centre
  • Peer mentors for additional support
  • Specialised support for those with complex needs such as housing, enduring mental health issues or pregnancy

Your Journey in Forward Leeds

At your first appointment, you’ll meet with a worker to assess your needs and establish the best support. Your key worker will help you to develop clear goals.

During your time with Forward Leeds you will work with us to achieve those agreed goals.

To support you in your journey with us we encourage you to attend appointments and take advantage of the range of group work and other activities that take place daily in each of the hubs.

We will be led by you, as you’re the one that will be putting in much of the hard work. You will already have many coping skills and know from past experience what works and what doesn’t for you. Remember though, we have a great deal of experience of what works and many of our staff have had alcohol or drug issues themselves.

When you are ready to leave Forward Leeds you will be introduced to the Sustained Recovery team and 5 WAYS. If needed, you can get further one-to-one support from them or simply become a member of 5 WAYS. Here you will meet like-minded people, get a real feel for the recovery community in Leeds and be more equipped to sustain your recovery.

Forward Leeds wish you all the best in your journey with us.

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