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Online referral

You can use our online referral forms to refer yourself or someone else.

Under 21’s referral

Over 21’s referral

LYPFT NHS staff should use the LYPFT StaffNet page to refer people for support.

For young people and young adults

We have dedicated support and information for young people up to the age of 24 and a separate phone line 0113 887 2757. You can also call or text 07525 265755 or email for more information. Find advice and information for young people on our webpage on alcohol and drugs for Young People.

For Professionals

If you are a professional making a referral on behalf of someone we have some top tips on how to ensure they get the appropriate support.

About us

Forward Leeds is the alcohol and drug service for Leeds. We help people choose not to misuse alcohol and drugs and reduce risk-taking behaviour through dedicated prevention, intervention and support.

We will support you to help achieve and sustain recovery from alcohol and drug misuse through a range of treatments. We offer a range of support and advice to people no matter how simple or complex their needs are.

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