Detox and rehab


We can provide access to a detox for almost all substances.

Our detox team will work with you, manage the preparation for your detox, planning, completion and relapse prevention, including engagement with one to one and group work.

Non-residential detox is offered for opiate, alcohol and benzodiazepines with prescribing support provided by Forward Leeds.

Residential detox at a dedicated centre can be an option both in Leeds and away from Leeds dependent upon the needs of the individual.

Access to a range of aftercare services in Leeds is organised by staff, volunteers and peer mentors to ensure your recovery journey continues after treatment has been successfully completed.

In this short film Helen Falkiner explains what to expect from a detox.


We can also work with you to find a residential rehab for longer-term treatment.

We help you to find suitable rehab programmes and arrange admission. Once the rehab is organised we will continue to support you throughout. Once you are nearing discharge we will work together to put a plan in place to help you sustain your recovery. We have an aftercare service you can join called 5 WAYS.