Alcohol and Mental Health Awareness

To build participants knowledge and skills around how even relatively low levels of alcohol use can have an impact on mental health

The course will cover

  • Alcohol units and why they matter.
  • How alcohol alters the brain and disrupts the brain’s chemicals.
  • Alcohol and memory.
  • Alcohol, stress and anxiety.
  • Alcohol and sleep.
  • Alcohol and links to self-harm and suicide.
  • To review harm reduction around alcohol use.

To book a place on the training course detailed above please email with details of the course and your preferred date

Please check whether the course is being run online via Zoom or in-person at TechNorth


23rd January 2024 – course runs at TechNorth
11th April 2024 – on Zoom
23rd April 2024 – course runs at TechNorth
29th July 2024 – on Zoom
4th September 2024 – on Zoom
19th Sept 2024 – course runs at TechNorth

All Courses last from 10.00am to 1.00pm.