Alcohol Awareness – Alcohol and Cost

Forward Leeds is asking people to think about how much alcohol costs. Not just the personal cost to the individual but how much it costs a household, the economy, the NHS, etc.

We have created a quiz to help people think about whether there is something better could be spending our money on.

As individuals in the UK we spend tens of thousands of pounds, on average, every year on alcohol.

The cost of living crisis has meant that some people are drinking more than they’d like to cope with concerns about money.

But, a lot of people wake up and have been horrified by how much they have spent on alcohol. In this time when a lot of people are struggling financially, alcohol could be an easy saving – just by cutting down on how much you drink.

And there are loads of health-related reasons for not drinking too much.

Short-term benefits:

  • feeling better in the mornings
  • being less tired and more energetic
  • better-looking skin

Long-term benefits:

  • lower blood pressure
  • lower risk of stroke, hypertension, cancer and liver disease
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • better mood, memory and quality of sleep
  • help with weight management