Alcohol and teens – Decide the Night

Decide the Night is an immersive game designed to encourage young people in Leeds to make safer choices around alcohol.

Designed with young people, for young people, Decide the Night invites the user to take part in five different drinking scenarios. The aim is just to enjoy a full night out with your friends. Each scenario is story-based and focuses on a different drink and situation that was suggested by 14-15 year-olds from  Leeds.

After selecting a drink, players go on a virtual night out with their friends. Unwise choices lead to their night being cut short, and they are out of the game.

The game is designed to be fun and engaging, while also educating players by providing them with a range of health and educational facts, as well as persona-based endings.

This game was designed in consultation with Dr Bridgette Bewick, Associate Professor in Psychological Health, Wellbeing and Education at the University of Leeds.

It can be used for targeted drugs and alcohol education in school, youth work and youth justice settings as well as for young people to discover and use independently.

To play the game visit

Read more about what young people and teachers made of Decide the Night in the evaluation commissioned by Leeds City Council.

You can also download a Decide the Night Activity Pack to run the game with young people.