How to Party Properly

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Every drug is different and the side effects can be unpredictable.

The safest decision is to go without, but if you do decide to take drugs, here are some tips to ensure you don’t end up cutting your night short.

Eating certainly isn’t cheating

Line your stomach by having a bite to eat before you head out. Don’t cut your party short.

Have a game plan

Before you head out, think about how you’ll get home.

Make sure you’ve got your money, keys and phone, as well as some taxi numbers saved just in case you have to make a quick getaway.

Stick together

Make sure you have friends around you and decide on a meet up point just in case you lose each other.

It’s easy to stress out and get lost so make sure you have good people with you. If someone disappears, don’t presume they’ve bailed, find out for sure before you leave.

Get clued up

Surprise side effects can be more than just trippy, they can be a warning sign for much worse.

Think about where your head’s at and if you’re not feeling 100% then it’s a definite no-go.

You might trust your dealer, but that doesn’t mean they know what they’re selling, or what’s in it. So if you’re heading to an event, find out if they’ll have drug safety testing available, that way you’ll know more about what you’re planning on taking.

Start low, go slow

Try a small amount and then go slow until you know the deal.

Even alcohol can take a while to have an effect, so make sure you pace yourself properly or it won’t just be your dignity at stake.

Keep yourself cool and stay hydrated. Take regular breaks from the dance floor and check in with your friends if you’re feeling rough, you wouldn’t want to waste your night cradling a toilet bowl.

Don’t be a state, rehydrate

Sip water throughout the night and take regular breaks from the dance floor.

If you start to feel rough, let your friends know.

Leave the mixing to the DJ

Mixing is a risky business

Stay in control and remember that mixing drugs with drink or other drugs can create different and increased risks for you.

If you want a high, pick one and leave it at that.

Keep your cool

If you see someone in trouble, get medical help as fast as you can, and make sure someone stays with them until help arrives.

Medics aren’t there to judge. If you know which drug’s been taken and how much, just tell them so they know how to help.

Know the warning signs

Throwing up: As gross as it may be, if your friend’s chucking up, give them some water to sip slowly but avoid food. If they want to sleep, lay them on their side and stay close by.
Paranoia: If they’re freaking out, find them somewhere quiet and safe to sit. Let them know that the feeling will pass but bear with them – it might take a while for them to calm down.
Chest Pain: Get a medic and whilst you are waiting, sit them down and try and comfort them.
Fits: Get a medic straight away and clear the area around them so they won’t hurt themselves.
Overheating: Stimulants raise your body temperature, so if you or a friend start overheating, find somewhere safe to sit and ditch the extra layers. Wet some clothing with lukewarm water to cool the forehead and grab some more to sip slowly

If there is an emergency

Get them medical help as fast as you can

Make sure somebody stays with them

Medics aren’t there to judge. If you know what’s been taken and how much, just tell them so they know how to help.