Forward Leeds Alcohol and Drug service have a team that can provide training and information around alcohol and drugs. This includes providing brief interventions in the workplace with users of your services.

This is primarily aimed at:

  • Social Care staff and similar organisations
  • Leeds City Council teams
  • Charities and third sector organisations

It can be delivered at your premises and is completely free.

In addition Forward Leeds run a yearly workforce development programme at the Public Health Resource Centre, through Leeds City Council.

A training programme is available from the Leeds City Council website. The programme lists course descriptions, background to the training programme and booking details. You can also find links to all of our courses for 2020 at the bottom of this page.

Claire delivering training

David delivering training

What we provide:-

  • Full day packages on identification & brief advice for drug use
  • Additional packages that deal with NPS’ (New Psychoactive Substances) including synthetic cannabinoids
  • Bespoke packages dependent on time frame and content

This service comes without a charge and can be delivered from your organisation where there is demand.

Training aims:-

  • Build participants confidence and skills in delivering brief interventions
  • Provide some basic tools and worksheets
  • Helping individuals in overcoming resistance to accepting support
  • How to refer into alcohol or drug services
  • Where to access leaflets and information
  • Increase in substance specific awareness

Details of all of our courses for 2020: