Supermarket staff try on ‘Beer Goggles’

Forward Leeds, the City’s new alcohol and drug service, were at Asda House on 7th December to promote its new campaign “Like my Limit” which promotes a healthy relationship with alcohol. Staff donned “beer goggles” to play darts and operate remote controlled cars to demonstrate the effects of excess alcohol.

John Hague – Asda Leadership and Engagement Manager said “The event today really highlighted the risks and consequences of drinking excessively in a really interactive way. The team from Forward Leeds were great at explaining the risks involved and also explained more about the number of calories different types of alcohol has, how many alcohol units are in different drinks and where support can be found.

At a time of year when people are going out to celebrate Christmas, this was an ideal opportunity to educate our colleagues about responsible drinking to help them stay safe over the festive period.”

Forward Leeds’ Early Intervention and Prevention (EIP) team set up a stall in the atrium of the big brand’s offices to talk with Asda staff about alcohol and drug use.


Beer goggles (which simulate drunkenness by causing confusion, visual distortion, slowed reaction time and lack of coordination) were used to show staff just how much impact alcohol has on your ability to coordinate and carry out simple tasks such as walking in a straight line and playing darts.

Matthew Spencer from the EIP team said: “As funny as it is to watch your colleagues and friends stumble around with silly goggles on, there is a serious message behind the laughter: make sure you look after yourself when celebrating, especially over the festive period.

Accident and Emergency departments in Leeds see a five-fold increase in admissions during the Christmas period and a large amount of these can be attributed to alcohol-related matters.”

Forward Leeds staff gave advice to the Asda employees about how to reduce the harm that can be caused by alcohol and drugs.

Employees were keen to learn about the top tips to reduce their alcohol intake and were asked if there were any other tips they thought would be good to promote in the Like My Limit campaign.

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