Health issues highlighted in Alcohol Awareness campaign

Leeds’ Like My Limit campaign, aimed at making people more aware of the health issues around drinking, is being launched on Monday 14th November to coincide with the national Alcohol Awareness Week.

With over 17,000 dependent drinkers in the city and more than £26m a year lost to the Leeds economy due to hangovers, it also asks people to keep an eye on how much they are drinking.

Like My Limit, run by Leeds City Council and the city’s drug and alcohol service Forward Leeds, was originally launched in 2014 to tackle the rise in the number of adults regularly drinking alcohol at home who could be putting their longer term health at risk.

This year’s campaign will see Forward Leeds workers at a variety of locations during Alcohol Awareness Week, as well as a social media campaign.

Dr Ian Cameron, Leeds City Council Director of Public Health, said: “The amount of alcohol a person drinks can have a significant impact on their health and happiness.

“Nationally, in recent years we have seen an increase in the number of adults regularly drinking above recommended guidelines.

“Our Like My Limit campaign encourages people to keep an eye on their intake and consider making one small change so that they can still enjoy drinking in moderation but feel happier knowing they are not risking their health.”

Jane Doyle, of Forward Leeds, said:  “We’re trying to target people who are drinking every day but perhaps are still able to function socially and at work.

“A lot of people drink at home. They may buy a bottle of wine or beer and before they know it, they’re drinking every night.

“We’re trying to hit people who may not access formal treatment and just help them to become aware of the risks and give them some skills and show them what they can do to prevent drinking too much.

“We want to make sure people have an informed choice.”

Where Forward Leeds teams will be and when.

Monday 14th November 11am to 2.30pm Morley Library and One Stop Shop Time TBC

Tuesday 15th November 10.30am – 2pm November Asda at Owlcoates centre.

Tuesday 15th November Leeds 11am-3pm City College Park Lane

Wednesday 16th November  11am-3pm Leeds City College Print Works

Thursday 17th November 11am-3pm Leeds City College Technology Campus

Thursday 17th November 11am to 5pm ASDA Middleton

Tuesday 22nd  November 11am-3pm Leeds City College Park Lane

Wednesday 23rd November  11am-3pm November Leeds City College Print Works

Thursday 24th November 11am-3pm Leeds City College Technology Campus

Thursday 1st December 12.30 – 16.00 Community Wellbeing Educational Workshop

To be held at Swallow Hill Community College Leeds 12 3DS


Alcohol unit calculator –

Leeds City Council has released these key facts

  • The total annual cost of alcohol harm in Leeds is around £334.62 million (Public Health England 2011/12). It is estimated that alcohol costs the government £21 Billion per year in terms of health, social and economic costs
  • Drinking alcohol increases the risk of developing over 60 diseases; such as cancers, hypertension, alcoholic liver disease and coronary heart disease
  • Women are 50% more likely to get breast cancer when regularly drinking double the daily alcohol limit
  • It is estimated that alcohol is a factor in around half of all domestic violence cases
  • Leeds economy loses an estimated £26million due to hangovers
  • There are 17,255 dependent drinkers in Leeds (where person has an excessive desire to drink or is showing some loss of control over their drinking)
  • It is also estimated that there are over 35,000 adults in Leeds that may be classified as high risk drinkers (for men this is drinking over 50 units a week or for women, drinking over 35 units per week)

Top tips for reducing alcohol intake

  • Have at least two alcohol free days per week
  • When drinking wine try using a smaller glass
  • Switch to low alcohol drinks
  • Delay having the first drink