Forward Leeds staff invited to run workshop at Student Confererence

Forward Leeds Early Intervention & Prevention Worker Ruth Bradford will be running a workshop on the 16th of March at the Student Mental Wellbeing Conference at Woburn House in London.

Student Mental Wellbeing is a one day conference offered jointly by UUK and the Mental Wellbeing in Higher Education Working Group (MWBHE). The event will inspire delegates to review and refine current strategy or build new systems to support students within their institution to improve mental wellbeing.

Ruth has been asked to run the workshop to provide knowledge about different substances and substance use in the student population, as well as challenges faced by Universities and Unions in addressing substance and alcohol misuse.

Drawing on her experiences and outcomes from a Alcohol Harm Reduction Campaign run at Leeds University Union and recent developments from Forward Leeds in working with local universities, the workshop aims to inspire others to encourage behaviour change relating to substance and alcohol misuse in the student populations.

Ruth will be providing feedback about the innovative methods used in this project to encourage University staff to think differently about encouraging behaviour change in the student population related to the risks associated with alcohol use.

Ruth will also to discuss the developments made within Forward Leeds relating to working with Universities and student Unions to support students with alcohol and/or substance misuse and promoting positive behaviour change/awareness to make informed choices about substance/alcohol use through innovative means.