Think about #SoberSavings says Forward Leeds

Forward Leeds is asking people to think how they would spend an extra £60 in Alcohol Awareness Week.

Alcohol Awareness Week runs from 3rd to the 9th July. The Forward Leeds campaign called Sober Savings highlights that someone who drinks two alcoholic drinks a day is spending around £60 a week on alcohol.*

Forward Leeds Service Manager James Barrie, pictured above, said: “We want people to think about something positive or rewarding they could do with an extra £60 each week. Nationally the theme of Alcohol Awareness Week is ‘alcohol and cost’.

“We’re not telling people to stop drinking, we’re asking them to consider if there are other things they would like to spend some of that money on.”

For the campaign, Forward Leeds will be sharing ideas from people in Leeds as to what they would like to spend £60 on across their social media accounts in Alcohol Awareness Week.

Forward Leeds has created an Alcohol and Cost quiz to help people think about the financial effects of drinking on individuals, society and the economy.

The service will also be at a number of events across Leeds during Alcohol Awareness Week including the Hamara Centre in Beeston on 7th July and on the 8th July at the Rothwell Carnival and the Kirkstall Festival.

If you would like information, advice or support around your alcohol use you can contact Forward Leeds on 0113 887 2477 or visit

*Source for the drinking data is