Susan had spent many years using drugs before she came to Forward Leeds for help. In this short film she talks about how she found the Forward Leeds experience. She discusses the way in which her life has improved since she was able to detox from drugs and move forward with her life.


My drinking had been gradually getting worse, and over a 15- year period, I’d gone from drinking a bottle of wine every few nights, to drinking every evening. And always more than one bottle. In the end I was a daily drinker, and I drank all day when I wasn’t working. I always drank alone,…


Alex got help through a member of the Forward Leeds team that works at his local health centre. Alex talks about how Forward Leeds were able to help him control his drinking and the changes that has meant to his life. Forward Leeds have staff based in over 50 GPs surgeries and health centres across…

Andrew Best landscape

Andrew came into Forward Leeds through a local GP surgery where he got and advice and support from Jane who works across a number of GPs and Health Centres in Leeds. Andrew talks about how Forward Leeds offered support and advice for him that enabled him to move on with his life.

Mark Burton

“I’ve come a long way with the support of Forward Leeds.” Celebrating nine months of sobriety, Darren Hall shares with us how the support of Forward Leeds and the Recovery Academy has helped him get back on his feet.

Leanne came to Forward Leeds when she finally accepted that she had an addiction. She talks about how Forward Leeds has helped her not only to stop drinking but by providing the support that meant she been able to stay away from alcohol after she quit.

Mary Murray

In a short, inspiring interview Mary tells how Forward Leeds has helped her to stop drinking. Mary had been a very heavy drinker for over twenty years but with help and support from Forward Leeds she has been able to stop drinking. More than this though, Mary now has a different, more positive outlook on…

Mark Burton

Mark came into the Recovery Academy to talk to Forward Leeds about how they had helped him with his issues around alcohol but also the support he continues to get from Forward Leeds by coming to the Recovery Academy.

Steve Hodgson

My addiction was the result of heavy drinking and years of abuse of alcohol. My drinking brought on feelings of depression and even at times suicidal thoughts. In addition I could see the effect that my behaviour was having on my friends and family – they were also affected by my drinking. I realised that…

Karl Elliott

Karl Elliott was started drinking at a young age and was a heavy drinker for twenty years. He’s a father in steady employment but he decided that his drinking was getting out of control and came to Forward Leeds to help him get in under control. He’s now stopped drinking and is seeing real benefits in…

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