Recovery Wrx back on the road

5 WAYS are delivering their Recovery Wrx events in person again. These events use real-life experiences and personal stories to highlight that recovery from significant problems with alcohol and/or drugs is possible.

5 WAYS have been running the sessions for five years for a variety of audiences including those in approved premises, universities, charities and social care services. Due to coronavirus the sessions had moved onto Zoom but they have just run their first in-person event for mental health nursing students at the University of Leeds.

Senior Practitioner at 5 WAYS Helen Mason, who had the original idea and continues to organise the sessions across West Yorkshire, said: “It’s about demonstrating visible recovery and challenging some of the prejudices, beliefs and stigma that can go along with problematic alcohol and drug use. They demonstrate that people can move forward with their lives, free from addiction and go on to achieve amazing things.”

The sessions are very tailored to the audience, Helen explained: “Depending on who we are talking to it could be about inspiring others who are still struggling with issues. If we are speaking to health or social care professionals, we focus on helping them see beyond stereotypes and prejudices”.

5 WAYS member Michelle Regan, who spoke at the University of Leeds event, said: “Everybody’s route to recovery is unique to them. We are able to impart three very different experiences of addiction. By speaking to students, we are bringing reality, warts and all, to supplement the classroom theory. In my experience, life certainly isn’t textbook ideal. What was great was the students really welcomed us, with a few coming to express gratitude at the end.”

Helen and the 5 WAYS team are now scheduling a series of face-to-face sessions in West Yorkshire for the rest of the year.

For more information call 5 WAYS on 0113 887 2749 or email