PENG New Project for Young People at Forward Leeds

Young people working with Forward Leeds are choosing their own volunteering project and Leeds organisations will be pitching for their help. The young people have named themselves, Producing Entrepreneurs for the Next Generation (PENG).

The team aged 15-18 had been working with Forward Leeds around issues with substances but now want to put their energy and enthusiasm into working with local community groups.

Sammi Frestle, Forward Leeds Young Persons Worker said: “The team were really keen on the idea of working with not for profit organisations in Leeds. The idea of selecting their own project and then choosing for themselves how to go about it gives them a real interest in succeeding”.

The Project is being run in collaboration with Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) who will be providing a range of organisations looking for help. These organisations will then meet up with the PENG team and pitch for their help on the 28th of November.

Following the pitch day PENG will pick their own project agree a project plan, including any necessary fundraising activities and start work.

As well as the chance for the PENG team to gain skills and develop themselves, VAL will also be offering the young people the chance to earn City & Guilds accredited digital badges that reflect what they have accomplished.

Pictured above are Forward Leeds Young Persons workers Sammi Frestle and Phil Pearce.