Sally got help for her drinking problem from Forward Leeds. As a part of her treatment Forward Leeds arranged for Sally to spend a period of time in Leeds based rehab St Annes. Sally continues to receive support through 5 WAYS where she attends groups and sessions.


Aim: The course aims to build practitioners’ knowledge, skills and confidence to address and reduce harm from cannabis misuse in young people and adults. Objectives: To provide practitioners with up to date information on young people and cannabis use. For participants to gain knowledge about the effects of cannabis on young people & adults. To…


Peter had issues with opiates for many years. In this film he talks about what his life was like before he got help. Peter discusses how 5 WAYS in Leeds supports him to maintain abstinence following his detox and is helping him to move forwards with his life.

Mark got help from Forward Leeds for his drinking. He initially got support at one of the main hubs in the city. Mark attends groups at the Lingwell Croft to help him remain abstinent. He also supports others in the group as well in their recovery journey. In this short film he talks about what…

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Brendan had been a heavy drinker and occasional drug user for a number of years. The Forward Leeds staff based at Lingwell Croft Surgery in south Leeds were able to  help Brendan to stop drinking and using drugs. Brendan continues to attend groups and peer support others with their issues around alcohol and drugs. In…

Dane began drinking heavily as a student. From there his drinking steadily became heavier. Eventually he came to Forward Leeds for help. In this short film Dane talks about some of the ways in which Forward Leeds and 5 WAYS helped him to stop drinking and to sustain his recovery.

Last November, Kim Kaur of Forward Leeds, was appointed as a Complex Case Worker, working with those identified as the most hard to reach and difficult to engage in services on the city’s streets. It’s a new role, specially commissioned by Leeds Council, to work alongside the Leeds Street Outreach Service (SOS) team. Kim is…


Susan had spent many years using drugs before she came to Forward Leeds for help. In this short film she talks about how she found the Forward Leeds experience. She discusses the way in which her life has improved since she was able to detox from drugs and move forward with her life.

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5 WAYS to Wellbeing @ the Recovery Academy is the Leeds hub for those in recovery from alcohol and/or drugs. What is 5 WAYS How to find 5 WAYS Room hire at 5 WAYS Groups and Activities at 5 WAYS

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5 WAYS offers a range of groups and activities. These vary from peer support and recovery groups to activities that develop individual skills and interests through to support into employment, training and education. There’s something on offer for everyone at 5 WAYS. One-to-one employment, training and education sessions can be booked through a member of…

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