Nick came to Forward Leeds when he was struggling with stopping drinking. He worked hard with his recovery worker and went through an alcohol detox. In this video he reflects on his journey from a chaotic lifestyle which was impacting himself and the family and friends around him. Since being abstinent from drink he has…

Jason Dorymeade was supported to stop using drugs completely with help from Forward Leeds. He now comes to 5 WAYS regularly where he continues to receive support from peers as well as staff. In this short film Jason also talks about the improvements that stopping using drugs brought to his family life.


Forward Leeds offer a variety of groups for users of our service. The various group programmes promote recovery by raising knowledge and awareness; developing recovery skills; promoting changes in cognition, emotion and behaviour and providing a forum for mutual support. Groups offer family-like experiences Groups help members learn to cope with their substance use and…

Eddie Thompson was supported to stop drinking by Forward Leeds after his alcohol use got out of control. He came in to 5 WAYS to talk about how he was helped and what his life is like now that he has stopped drinking. He also talks about the support he got from St Annes Alcohol…

Lisa in Silhouette

If it wasn’t for Forward Leeds, I would still be stuck in the madness. When I was still using drugs, life was horrendous. I was isolated. I was shoplifting every day. Waking up just thinking, ‘where can I get the money from to score’. For most of my adult life, I was using party drugs….

My life from a young age was challenging and I had to grow up fast. I began drinking at a young age, moved through party drugs and by the age of 15 I was using crack cocaine. That’s why stopping using has been so hard, it’s been ingrained in me since I was a teenager….

My life before Forward Leeds was chaotic. There was no structure to my life. I was like a hamster running on a wheel to stay still. I was drinking heavily, the police were being called, I was being kicked out of houses so I had nowhere to live, I was drink driving and getting locked…

Sally got help for her drinking problem from Forward Leeds. As a part of her treatment Forward Leeds arranged for Sally to spend a period of time in Leeds based rehab St Annes. Sally continues to receive support through 5 WAYS where she attends groups and sessions.


Aim: The half-day course aims to build practitioners’ knowledge, skills and confidence to address and reduce harm from cannabis misuse in young people and adults. Objectives: To provide practitioners with up to date information on young people and cannabis use. For participants to gain knowledge about the effects of cannabis on young people & adults….


Peter had issues with opiates for many years. In this film he talks about what his life was like before he got help. Peter discusses how 5 WAYS in Leeds supports him to maintain abstinence following his detox and is helping him to move forwards with his life.

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