My addiction was the result of heavy drinking and years of abuse of alcohol.

My drinking brought on feelings of depression and even at times suicidal thoughts. In addition I could see the effect that my behaviour was having on my friends and family – they were also affected by my drinking.

I realised that I had to make changes in my life and that I needed help to make that change, I couldn’t do it on my own. That’s when I sought help from my GP.

My GP advised me to contact Multiple Choice which became Forward Leeds. Through them I was able to get a residential detox. After I was detoxed my struggles continued as boredom started to get to me.


Drinking began slowly creeping back into my life again and I realised I would need to seek help again, so I returned to Forward Leeds. This time, with the support of Forward Leeds, I was able to stop again and stay sober.

The Key Workers at Forward Leeds were friendly, supportive and above all non-judgemental. They offered me life-changing opportunities. I am now a member of the Recovery Academy. I’m doing all manner of activities including the gardening group. I’m involved in the Service User Group meetings that give me a voice within Forward Leeds. This all helps to give a focus to my days and ensures I stay abstinent.

I would like to thank Forward Leeds and the Academy for their much needed support in my long, hard journey.