New training around pain medication

Forward Leeds is introducing free training for professionals in Leeds on pain medication, including over-the-counter painkillers.

The course is aimed primarily at staff working in social care and other Leeds City Council teams as well as staff at charities and third-sector organisations in Leeds.

Attendees will:

  • Understand how a dependency can be formed whilst using this type of drug
  • Look at the legalities and statistics around drug deaths involving painkilling medication.
  • Gain knowledge on seeking support around depressant dependency by using trauma-informed interventions.
  • Understand the harm reduction information.

Forward Leeds Brief Interventions Trainer Jennifer Palfreeman said: “It’s important to make people aware that using pain-killing medication, alongside other depressants such as alcohol, can increase risks of overdosing.

“We are at a time when the NHS is stretched and it is not easy to get a GP appointment, especially for more vulnerable clients. People in crisis often want instant gratification and turn to self-medication.

“Often legalities around over-the-counter and prescribed medication can be a grey area. The aim of this training will be to inform participants of the basics, it’s not aimed at clinical staff although they are welcome to attend as well”.

Jennifer delivering training at Leeds Beckett University

For more information or to book the course visit our Pain Medication – A True Picture page and select a date. Then email with your preferred time and date.

To book other free training courses from Forward Leeds on issues around alcohol and drugs visit the Forward Leeds Training for Professionals webpage.