New conservation crafts group at 5 WAYS

Staff from the environmental volunteering centre Hollybush are bringing a range of activities to 5 WAYS every Thursday.

This Thursday that included planting vegetables out on the terrace, willow weaving to make bird feeders and making fat balls to fill them.

Gemma Foley of Hollybush said: “Learning new skills and finding different interests is really beneficial for people. Activities where you’re using your hands, having a connection to nature and appreciating the outside can all help with mental well-being.”

Gemma continued: “Some of the things we are teaching can also be very meditative and mindful for people and that helps. Groups like this are just a great way of connecting with other people too.”

Planting beans into a pot

Denis Curbishley who attends the group said: “I enjoy learning new skills. What I like about this group is working with my hands and working with different people and getting different inputs.”

Dennis added: “I’ll definitely keep coming back, and I might start going to Hollybush too.”

The Hollybush groups are continuing to run into the new year with different activities planned for each week.

Planting beans