Leeds Recovery Community holds a Sports Day

The Leeds recovery community got together for a day of school-age sports at Woodhouse Moor in Hyde Park.

Staff, volunteers and users of the services at 5 WAYS took part in a Sports Day with staff and clients from Spacious Places, The Space, Learning to Live Again and St Anne’s Rehabilitation on the 28 of July

Events included rounders, the three-legged race, egg and spoon race and a sack race. There was also a picnic with food provided and shared by everyone.

Jo Bryden who manages 5 WAYS said: “Events like this are important for those in Leeds who have put their substance misuse behind them. It’s a reminder that there’s a whole range of organisations and individuals working to help people sustain their recovery”.

Jo continued: “It was also a great opportunity for service users and the local agencies to get together and just have fun. It reminds us all that we are part of a larger group all doing similar work towards one end goal”.