Leeds Recovery Academy receives generous food donation from Unite Student Housing

The Leeds Recovery Academy, run by DISC (a leading Northern social inclusion charity) will be distributing tinned and dried food goods to its members after a generous food donation from UNITE student housing.

The Sustained Recovery Team – who are based at the Recovery Academy, which offers recovery support and education, training and employment opportunities to people in recovery from alcohol and use drug use – will give the goods to members who are most in need.

Helen Mason, Recovery Champion at Forward Leeds, the city’s alcohol and drug service which operates out of the Recovery Academy, tells us “We are really grateful for the very generous donation from UNITE. There is loads of tinned and dried goods that we can make available to our members, who sometimes struggle to look after their health and wellbeing due to the increasing cost of food and reduction of social support.”

The team will also use the food donations to serve meals at upcoming events at the Recovery Academy.

Darryl Kerrigan, Service and Safety at UNITE student housing in Leeds is thrilled to be developing a relationship with the Recovery Academy and be able to support vulnerable people in the local community.

Darryl tells us “We are really glad that we can support a good cause in our community. Sometimes we struggle to donate the leftover food so it is great to find a willing partner in Forward Leeds and the Recovery Academy. We look forward to continue working with them in the future.”

Discussions are also currently being had about the possibility of UNITE staff volunteering for the service and donating the large amount of furniture to the Recovery Academy that the accommodation company often sends to landfill.

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