Kim to Lead on Homelessness Recovery

Kim Kaur has been appointed to a new role in Leeds, working with those identified as vulnerable, rough sleeping and/or begging to engage them in moving away from a life on the streets.

The role, funded by Leeds Council, is about helping the vulnerably-housed to work with local services and agencies towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Kim Kaur said: “I am passionate about working with this group of complex individuals, who are often the most chaotic and entrenched in risky behaviours.

“Part of my harm reduction role at Forward Leeds involved working with people on the streets. Now this new role will allow me to spend my time working one-to-one supporting people to build a better life and make safer choices”.

Kim continued: “Operating alongside the Street Outreach teams that are already in place, I’ll have the chance to work with this vulnerable group to make long term positive changes”.

Kim’s first steps will be to build a therapeutic rapport with the clients, some of whom she already knows from her previous role with Forward Leeds, with a view to helping them work towards a better life.

One of her main objectives will be to guide and encourage them to use the help and support that is available, moving away from street based activities and into accommodation.

Kim will work with her clients on developing personal plans for recovery and give them aspirations and goals beyond life on the streets of Leeds.

Kim is pictured above with her new manager Eleanor Conway, Lead Practitioner at Forward Leeds