As part of the Forward Leeds Like My Limit campaign, throughout January we will be following the progress of a number of people trying to complete the Alcohol Awareness campaign Dry January. We will be sharing their journeys via blogs, vlogs, tweets, and posts. Some you might recognise and some will remain anonymous as they try to quit the booze for a full month.

Dry January (Week 1)

Habitual wine drinking – Fri/Sat/Sun nights just ‘because’ it was the weekend.

Had realisation that I’m maybe drinking too much and it was becoming a habit.

One bottle wine easily became two every weekend night (sharing with partner).

I was concentrating on weight loss and healthy eating throughout the week then not taking into account the hidden calories in alcohol at weekends, therefore undoing all good work throughout the week and not seeing the results I was expecting.

Main reason for taking part in Dry January is to help with weight loss but also to see if it has an effect on fatigue and low energy/mood.

Like My Limit. (Learn to) Love My Body…


Dry January (Week 2)

2 ½ lbs lost this week! Amazing result really considering I decided not to start my health kick (healthy eating and exercise) during the first week in January. I thought let’s just get through the first week after Christmas then start concentrating on this!

So… yesterday I went to a dance class at the gym and started my healthy eating plan. Basically I need to be more organised and prepare my food in the evening for the next day so that is what I am doing. I’m sitting at my desk now enjoying a feta and sweet potato salad which is much nicer, healthier (and cheaper!) than a pre-packed sandwich which I would have bought as it is the easy option.

I’m getting excited about how much weight I could potentially lose by cutting out alcohol for a month and combining this with healthy eating and exercise. 2 ½ lbs by stopping drinking alone is excellent and a better result than I ever thought. To think this weekend I probably cut out just over 2000 extra calories by avoiding wine – that is the equivalent to around 4 burgers!

Over the course of the month that would be the equivalent of around 16 burgers or 24 slices of cake – yuck!

I’m finding Dry January fairly easy so far as I’m really thinking about the health benefits of this and seeing them already. Not only have I lost some weight, I am sleeping better and waking up more energised and alert which is definitely a good thing with a toddler and baby to look after!

I’ll let you know how the weigh in goes next week and if I am still as enthusiastic about Dry January then!

Good luck if you are taking part in Dry January and if so, please share your story with us @forwardleeds

Dry January – Week 3

So it’s the 20th January and I still haven’t had a drink this month…. and it’s going well! I haven’t actually missed having a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend and am instead enjoying thinking about the calories I’m saving!

I went to a friends on Saturday tea time and was offered a glass of wine – normally this would have definitely been a ‘yes please’ but instead I had another cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, it would have been nice to have a glass of sauvignon blanc with her but I am determined to complete Dry January.

Weight loss this week is 2 ¼ lbs which I’m so pleased about. I’m the lightest I’ve weighed since the birth of my son almost 5 years ago. I don’t think this is all down to cutting out alcohol as I have been following a healthy eating plan and exercising but having no wine at the weekend is definitely helping.

Total loss so far in 20 days = 4 ¾ lbs (AMAZING!!)

Dry January – Week 4

It’s the 27th January and I have now been alcohol free for 4 weekends in a row!

More importantly for me I have lost another 2lb in weight this week which brings my overall total to 6 ¾ lbs lost since January 1st. That’s the equivalent to 3 ½ bags of sugar!

I’m so happy with this and am starting to really notice a difference. As I said previously it isn’t all down to being alcohol free as I have been eating healthily and exercising; but I have not lost this much so quickly before so it has to be helping my cause! Alcohol is packed full of sugar so my sugar intake will have dropped dramatically.

My best friend is visiting on the 6th February so will enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with her while we plan her wedding but I will be more conscious of the calories and won’t be undoing all my good work!

I’m looking forward to my final weigh in at the end of Dry January so will let you know the end result next week!

Dry January completed!!

So it’s February 2nd and I have completed Dry January! And it wasn’t that bad! In fact, the more time that passed the easier it became, especially as the results of my weight loss were far exceeding the temptation of having a drink.

I admit I was pretty sceptical about the long term effects of Dry January but I can honestly say that this has made me reassess the reasons I had a glass or two of wine on a weekend evening. It was definitely a habit and one that I will now not be doing so often. A glass of wine will be an occasional treat (like a slice of cake) coz let’s face it; they have the same calorie content.

Before I reveal the results of my month long ‘Dry’ stint, I must stress that the weight loss is down to healthy eating, exercise and cutting out alcohol – not just alcohol alone! This has definitely helped me along my way though.

The weigh in this morning was very exciting …….. total of ……… 8lb weight loss in just a month!

8lb! Like my Limit. Love my Body. (Well almost. I might just try for a few more lbs loss before my best friend’s wedding)

5 weeks since finishing DryJanuary

I can honestly say that since completing Dry January my drinking habits have notably changed. I now do not drink at weekends unless I am going out (in which case I drink less than I used to as now have Prosecco with tonic water – a new favourite!) and do not drink wine every Friday and Saturday night just ‘because’ it is the weekend.

My main driver for this is the empty calorie content of alcohol, but also how much more motivated I am in the mornings due to not being so tired.

I was sceptical of Dry January before I took part but am pleasantly surprised as to how having a full month off from drinking can make you stand back and assess your habits, because that was what it had become – a habit.

I will definitely be taking part again next January and will keep you updated as to how I am getting on six months down the line!