As part of the Forward Leeds Like My Limit campaign, throughout January we will be following the progress of a number of people trying to complete the Alcohol Awareness campaign Dry January. We will be sharing their journeys via blogs, vlogs, tweets, and posts. Some you might recognise and some will remain anonymous as they try to quit the booze for a full month.

Episode 1

Julie, from Public Health Leeds, explains the reasons why she is attempting Dry January and what she hopes to achieve… Like My Limit, Love my energy!

Episode 2

With 1 week of Dry January complete, Julies tells us how she is finding it.

Episode 3

12 days into DryJanuary, Julie gives us an update on a trip to York and how she avoided alcohol.

Dawn’s DryJanuary Blog

Episode 4

We met up with Julie outside a local coffee shop to get an update of her DryJanuary attempt.

Episode 5

As Julie enters her final week of DryJanuary, she updates us on how she is doing and talks about what she is planning to do as a big sign off for the month.

Episode 6

With DryJanuary over, Julie tells us how she is feeling and talks about the benefits she has had from being alcohol-free for a full month. She also updates us on the London Winter Run she completed as a fitting end to the month.

One month on…

Julie explains “Since doing Dry January I have definitely noticed a change. I am considering whether or not to have that drink and thinking about what is happening the day after and what plans have I made. When I did have my 3 pints on an evening out, the morning after I really despised the foggy head feeling I had and not being able to bounce out of bed as I had before, it felt more of an effort and sluggish. I have got lots of healthy events to look forward to in 2016 and hoping to feel good inside too. I guess in a way it makes you a bit more cautious about drink, you don’t trust it as you did before, because your (perceived)tolerance to it has reduced over January.”

DryJanuary Round Up