Bottles of Water

There are plenty of reasons for taking part in Dry January. Here are some of them

  • You will sleep better
  • Your skin will improve
  • You can lose weight
  • After the Christmas splurge it’s a great way to save money. The average UK adult spends nearly £70 a month on alcohol
  • It gives you a chance to review your relationship with alcohol – and perhaps realise you don’t need it
  • It’s a great achievable New Year’s Resolution that can have an immediate impact

Your body will thank you too. You might not be able to see the changes but it’s happening inside. Your blood pressure should drop, your liver will heal from any damage and your insulin resistance, a measurement of diabetes risk will come down.

Plus it’s a great way to raise funds for your favourite charity if you get sponsored to do it by your friends and family.

The Dry January website has an Impact Calculator to tell you how much money and how many calories you could save by cutting out the alcohol for a month.

There’s also now an app you can download to your phone as well for extra support throughout the month.