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For Alcohol Awareness Week 2018 Forward Leeds are asking people to pledge a small change to their drinking behaviour and share it on social media using the hashtag #InspiredChange.

This campaign, running across Leeds from the 19th to 25th of November, is to encourage people to review their drinking.

There are plenty of good reasons to cut back on your drinking including:

  • Watching your weight
  • Sleeping better
  • Reducing stress
  • Avoiding hangovers
  • Staying healthier for longer

Bill Owen

Bill Owen of Forward Leeds

Making a small, manageable change like cutting out that after work drink or having more drink free days can mean huge health benefits and people will feel better for it.

So Forward Leeds are asking people to make a personal pledge to change and share it on social media using #InspiredChange.

Many people know why they like to drink alcohol, here’s some extra information people may not know

  • At 260 calories, one pint of strong lager is equivalent to a slice of pizza
  • Alcohol is disruptive to sleep. Drinking less can improve the quality of your sleep
  • Drinking three large pub glasses of wine is the same as having a full bottle!
  • Drinking less can help you lose weight and stay healthy
  • Being well hydrated before you drink alcohol should help you to drink more slowly
  • Cutting back can improve your overall mental health and feelings of emotional wellbeing
  • Don’t forget it’s really easy to still be over the drink drive limit the next morning

Eleanor Calsy-Harrison of Magpie

Eleanor Calsy-Harrison of Magpie

Alcohol Awareness Week events across Leeds

As a part of Alcohol Awareness Week Forward Leeds have also organised an alcohol awareness event on the 23rd of November in Kirkgate Market where they will be joined by One You Leeds, the NHS, St Annes Community Services and Carers Leeds among others.

Forward Leeds also have a number of other events planned across the city for Alcohol Awareness Week which runs from the 19 to 25 November:

20th November at Leeds Beckett University

20th November at Leeds General Infirmary

21st November Leeds University Student Union

22nd November, Boots the Chemist, Trinity Centre

22nd November, Leeds City College

23rd November, in the evening at Leeds Railway Station

Alcohol Awareness Week is a national campaign organised by Alcohol Concern. The theme this year is “change”.

Nathan Hyde of Leeds Live

Nathan Hyde of Leeds Live