Harmony in Recovery: Amazing Open Mic Night at 5 WAYS

People came together to share their talent, creativity and celebrate recovery at an Open Mic Night at 5 WAYS on 15 December 2023.

The Open Mic Night featured an array of performances that highlighted the incredible range of talent within the recovery community. From soul-stirring poetry from Surfing Sofas to incredible acoustic musical performances from Ben, Dave, Fabian and Jacquie.

Ben Hall

There was comedy from Jem, a performance from the 5 WAYS improv group and incredible music from Hank.  Attendees were treated to a night of entertainment that showcased the talent and creativity of the recovery community. The whole night was held together by Michael Waters of 5 WAYS as MC.


Carla Carr of 5 WAYS, who organised the Open Mic Night, said: “One of the most powerful parts of the evening was the chance for people to share their personal stories through poetry and music.

“It reminded everyone there that they were not alone and that people in recovery are some of the most incredible people in our wider community, not just because of what they have been through but because of who they have become.”


Amanda O’Conner attended her first Open Mic Night said: “The night was magical with something for everyone. Top marks to all the performers. 5 WAYS truly is a great place”.

There will be more recovery-focussed activities and Open Mic Nights to come in 2024 as Leeds moves towards becoming an Inclusive Recovery City.

[Main image above shows Fabian]

Improv Group
Surfing Sofas
Jacquie and Ben