Entrance to 5 WAYS

5 WAYS is a place for people in recovery and those who are coming to the end of their treatment for alcohol or drug issues.

It provides a safe and comfortable environment for people to gain support, advice and guidance.

5 WAYS takes its name from the evidence that suggests there are five steps we can all take to improve our mental well-being.

They are:
• Connect with other people
• Be active and exercise
• Keep learning
• Give to others
• Be mindful

With this in mind 5 WAYS offers a wide range of activities and structured group work for those in recovery, including guitar lessons, yoga, an IT suite, a gardening group, SMART groups and much more.

It is an informal and welcoming space where individuals can choose their own courses and activities and plan their own recovery journeys based on what they prefer and not someone else’s idea of what they need.

Many of the sessions are co-facilitated and co-produced by people with lived experience of substance use.

5 WAYS has a dedicated Education, Training & Employment worker who will work with people in recovery to design a plan and support people to realise their potential.

We also work with a number of learning providers including Swarthmore College, the Cardigan Centre and Northern College.

5 WAYS is open to anyone in the city of Leeds who consider themselves to be in recovery from a substance/alcohol use problem.

Family members, friends and concerned others are welcome to use 5 WAYS alongside those in recovery if they wish. We also put on a number of celebratory events throughout the year that the whole family can attend.

We encourage people to get involved with the development of 5 WAYS. We hold bi-monthly co-production meetings for those who want to be involved in the management of the centre. Every decision at 5 WAYS is guided by input from people with lived experience as well as those with professional expertise.

Membership of 5 WAYS is for adults who are 18+ who are in recovery or coming to the end of their treatment journey. Please speak to a member of staff or if you are receiving support from Forward Leeds speak to your Recovery Coordinator to find our more.

Some of the groups and activities at 5 WAYS