To build participants confidence and skills in delivering alcohol brief interventions


  • To provide practitioners with up to date information in regards to adults alcohol use, including government guidance and recommendations.
  • For participants to revise their knowledge about the effects of alcohol on adults.
  • To provide tools for practitioners to use to help assess adults appropriately for alcohol use and to be able to identify the level of risk associated with their use.
  • To provide resources and techniques to build confidence across the Leeds workforce in delivering early interventions and brief advice to adults around their alcohol use.
  • To provide the opportunity for skill based practice around delivering brief advice interventions
  • To increase awareness of the types of support that adults can access in Leeds for those people whose alcohol use is assessed at high risk.

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24th January 2019
19th February 2019
7th March 2019
21st March 2019
10th April 2019
7th May 2019
13th June 2019
3rd July 2019
10th September 2019
9th October 2019
5th November 2019
20th November 2019
4th December 2019

All courses are run at the Public Health Resource Centre and last from 9.30am to 4pm