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Leeds Dual Diagnosis Events

The Leeds Dual Diagnosis Network run talks throughout the year. These are open to anyone with an interest in substance misuse and mental health across the city. The events for 2019 will be listed here as soon as the timetable is complete.

What is Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis is a term used for when someone experiences a mental health and a substance use disorder simultaneously.

Diagnosing a primary psychiatric illness in substance abusers is challenging as drug abuse itself often induces psychiatric symptoms, thus making it necessary to differentiate between substance induced and pre-existing mental illness.

Those with co-occurring disorders face complex challenges.

They have increased rates of relapse, hospitalisation, homelessness, and HIV and hepatitis C infection compared to those with either mental or substance use disorders alone.

What is the Leeds Dual Diagnosis Network

It is a multi-agency network developed to ensure that services that come into contact with this client group are readily able to assess, engage and to co-ordinate care effectively.

The Leeds Dual Diagnosis Network aims to improve access to care for people who experience co-existing drug/alcohol use and mental health disorders.

A suite of training programmes and workshops for staff working in dual diagnosis better ensures this group get the best care.