The Harm Reduction team works throughout Leeds to help people to reduce the harm that may be caused by their alcohol and/or drug use.

Naloxone Kits Save Lives

The team can provide a naloxone kit to service users. They will give people the knowledge to be able to use the kit if needed. This is a potentially life saving piece of kit that helps to reverse the affects of overdose. Dr Bamber talks through what to do if you suspect an overdose:

Needle Exchange

The team provides needle exchange services at our three hubs – at Irford House in Seacroft, Kirkgate in the city centre and at Armley Park Court every afternoon. Harm Reduction workers also go out and about across the whole city, providing an outreach service for needle exchange, harm reduction and support to people who’d benefit from the service and want to reduce drug and alcohol related harm.

As part of the needle exchange service, the team oversee 15 city wide pharmacies where the needle exchange service is available.

Click here for a list of where you can access Needle Exchanges across Leeds. 

In addition there are now bins for the safe disposal of injecting equipment out of hours located at the Forward Leeds hubs with three more in the south of the city.

Click here for a map showing the location of public bins for safe disposal of injecting equipment in Leeds.

Needle Exchange

The aim of the needle exchange service is to reduce the rates of equipment sharing amongst injecting drug users thereby preventing the risks of infection and drug related harm amongst individuals and their communities.

The Harm Reduction team also deliver a variety of other activities, such as:

  • Deliver outreach with Basis twice a month
  • Liaison with other agencies
  • Welfare check vulnerable clients
  • Case manage few clients in high need
  • Attend breakfast clubs for city homeless/beggars
  • Run a weekly steroid clinic
  • Participate in blood borne virus spot testing
  • City centre Street outreach delivered weekly