Normally Forward Leeds offer a variety of face-to-face groups for users of our service.

The various group programmes promote recovery by raising knowledge and awareness; developing recovery skills; promoting changes in cognition, emotion and behaviour and providing a forum for mutual support.

Unfortunately at the moment, we are unable to offer in-person group activities due to the coronovirus outbreak, instead we are offering resources and sessions online.

You can find a list of all these activities plus links to a range of supporting resources on the 5 WAYS page of the website as 5 WAYS are leading on this.

We have a webpage with details of the online mutual aid groups that are happening during lockdown including SMART Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous.

Group work has been proven to be beneficial for those looking to deal with substance misuse issues. It reduces isolation and allows recoveries to be encouraged and celebrated, together. By speaking in a group, people can relate to each other and feel as though they are not struggling alone.