Forward Leeds has begun to offer a limited number of face-to-face groups for users of our service again. We are also continuing to offer online groups and these all listed below.

The various group programmes promote recovery by raising knowledge and awareness; developing recovery skills; promoting changes in cognition, emotion and behaviour and providing a forum for mutual support.

Follow the link below to each hub page to see the groups offered at each site or scroll down to see the list of online groups

Online Groups


2:00 – 3:30pm SMART Recovery Meeting
Science based mutual aid meeting


2:00 – 3:30pm Using SMART Tools – Themed Forum

A structured group exploring ways to address obstacles and/or issues raised in Monday’s SMART Recovery Meeting. Different topic each week


1.30pm-3.30pm Wonder Women
A women-only Sessions that focus on emotional wellbeing for women including self-empowerment, confidence building, relaxation, anxiety management and more. To attend through Zoom email and request the log in details.

6:30pm – 8pm Evening Forum Check-in
Informal Mutual Aid Meeting – Zoom Meeting – see instructions below

These groups and meetings are for everyone who uses the Forward Leeds service or who is a member of 5 WAYS

For Zoom Meetings go to and install the app, and then follow the link on the invitation we post on the ‘Forward Leeds Recovery Forum’ & ‘5 WAYS to Wellbeing at the Recovery Academy’ Facebook pages, and on the 5 WAYS Twitter account every morning. Or we can email them to you.
If you’re stuck e-mail and one of the group workers will try to help you out.

Group work has been proven to be beneficial for those looking to deal with substance misuse issues. It reduces isolation and allows recoveries to be encouraged and celebrated, together. By speaking in a group, people can relate to each other and feel as though they are not struggling alone.