Full house for launch of R3C0VRY.WRX the new online recovery magazine

It was standing room only at 5 WAYS as people packed in to learn the story of R3C0VRY.WRX yesterday.

The presentation covered how R3C0VRY.WRX was developed by members of 5 WAYS as an outlet for the creativity of those in recovery from alcohol and/or drugs. The website offers a place for stories and poetry, art and photography as well as arts, crafts, tips and tricks all around the theme of recovery.

Cath Brogan, Area Manager for Forward Leeds who attended the event said: “I had been in touch with the development of R3C0VRY.WRX but last night’s launch surprised me.”

Cath added: “I knew there had been interest, but the room in Leeds was packed and there were messages of support from New York! I never thought it would be a global event.”

Cath continued: “Once again the recovery community in Leeds has shown their huge capacity for creativity, thoughtfulness and support for anyone in addiction and recovery. With R3C0VRY.WRX, Leeds is building an even stronger, diverse, funny, serious, online group you can get to know and be part of”.

Ian Street, from the Adults and Health Directorate of Leeds City Council who also came to the event said: “R3C0VRY.WRX builds on many good initiatives in Leeds to grow the recovery community and it’s a great forum to show that recovery is possible, it’s happening right now in Leeds and in communities across the globe.”

Ian continued: “R3C0VRY.WRX is also a fabulous example of the skill, knowledge and creativity that people in recovery have and I look forward to see more of this as the network develops.”

R3C0VRY.WRX welcomes contributions and support from anyone in recovery or with an interest in recovery.

To find out more about how you can be a part of it please visit  https://www.recoverywrx.org/contribute/