Forward Leeds talks Chemsex

The Leeds COMHAD Network, organised by Forward Leeds, has lined up a talk on chemsex from a specialist drugs and alcohol worker who was formerly involved in the scene.

Darren Murphy, who now works at Forward Leeds, will be addressing a range of topics around chemsex. The talk will cover what the term Chemsex means and give an overview of the substances that are used.

Darren will provide insights into the risks and harms of Chemsex and provide harm reduction and safeguarding advice. The talk will also cover the gay dating apps used to facilitate Chemsex.

Darren said: “I really wanted to give this talk so people can hear from the perspective of someone who was involved in the scene and knows the risks all too well. I feel that Chemsex is a major problem within the LGBTQ+ community and would like to bring awareness and understanding of this epidemic to a wider audience.”

The session is suitable for anyone who supports or comes into contact with people who are involved in the Chemsex scene or any professionals who want to find out more about Chemsex. It takes place at St Chads Parish Centre on the 9th of June 2023.