Forward Leeds support Summer Safety Awareness Days at Leeds Station

Forward Leeds were invited by the British Transport Police to support them at their Summer Safety Awareness Day on the 27 July.

The purpose of these days is to reduce alcohol related assaults and disorder at Leeds Station but to also educate people on having a safe night out whilst in Leeds.

Forward Leeds offered advice and information about having a safer night out alongside the British Transport Police, Leeds Street Angels and the Angels of Freedom to those coming through Leeds Station for a Friday night out.

Forward Leeds Early Intervention and Prevention Lead Practitioner Leanne Tomlinson said: “Doing public harm reduction events is so important, especially catching people at the right time whilst they are planning their night ahead and meeting the people that will be looking out for them.”

Leanne continued: “You have brilliant conversations with individuals about their plans and provide them with safety tips centred around what they are heading out to do. The people we spoke to identified with the Wasted Summer messages and appreciated the ‘How to Party Properly’ guides.

“It was even more effective to do this in partnership with the British Transport Police, Street Angels and Angels of Freedom who all already have a face out there and have excellent trust from the members of the public.

“They were amazing to work alongside, fun, energetic and helped people to engage with the harm reduction messages that are so important to the partying people of Leeds!”