Forward Leeds returns to Dragon Boat racing

A team of rowers from across Forward Leeds pulled together to raise money for the annual Recovery Graduation.

The Dragon Boat races were part of the annual Leeds Waterfront Festival at Leeds Dock on Saturday 29 June.

Armley-based Recovery Coordinator Allan Nicholson, who organised the Forward Leeds team, said: “It’s great for our staff, those in the boat and those supporting, to come together at community events like this.

“I believe our team rowing together mirrors how people are supported at our service. It also reminds me of the determination and strength that people we support show, to overcome their issues. We are grateful for everyone’s support, dedication and donations.”

Although the team did not make it through to the final, a great deal of fun was had by all in the sunshine and the rain.

If people would like to donate towards this year’s Recovery Graduation you can still do so on the Recovery Graduation JustGiving page.