Forward Leeds Launches Innovative Campaign for Alcohol Awareness Week

“There are lots of reasons to cut back on the booze. It can lift your mood, help you lose weight and save you money” said: Forward Leeds Manager James Barrie of their new campaign.

For Alcohol Awareness Week, Forward Leeds, the city’s alcohol and drug support service, is launching a different style of campaign to help people in Leeds who want to take control of their drinking.

Running from 1st to 7th July, the campaign will feature daily social media videos packed with creative ideas to help people reduce their alcohol. These messages will be shared across Forward Leeds’ social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

James Barrie explained: “We’re not just providing our professional advice; we’re also inviting the people of Leeds to join in with their own ideas too. We want everyone to share their tips, advice and experience using the hashtag #AAW24 and tag @forwardleeds in so we can publicise them. By getting as many people in our city involved as possible, we can build a better, stronger and healthier Leeds.

“The risk of harm from drinking alcohol increases the more you drink, just like smoking the more you drink over a lifetime the greater the risks build. The good news is that the less you drink, the lower your risk”.

As well as sharing messages online, Forward Leeds will also be out in person at Kirkgate Market on Friday 5 July to offer face-to-face advice and to encourage people to share their own tips on cutting down on alcohol.

Excessive drinking can have significant impacts on a person’s physical and mental health. Forward Leeds’ campaign will highlight practical ways people can make positive changes, through simple lifestyle adjustments or getting professional support.

Alcohol Awareness Week is coordinated by Alcohol Change UK. Each year, over 5,000 public health teams, workplaces, GP surgeries, pharmacies, hospitals, charities and other community groups across the country sign up to take part.

For more information and tips visit the Forward Leeds Alcohol Awareness Week page for tips on cutting down and the reasons why.