Forward Leeds to Focus on Summer Detox

For the first time, Forward Leeds are putting detox in the spotlight. We are focusing from June 13-15 on raising clients’ knowledge of what support there is for when they go through detox.

Detoxification (detox for short) means the removal of toxic substances from the human body and also refers to the period when the body returns to stability after long-term use of an addictive substance. The campaign is primarily aimed at those who have stopped using illegal drugs but who are on a prescription for methadone or buprenorphine. The hope is that with the right support clients confidence will increase and they can leave medication and drug treatment behind.

Margaret Lee, Forward Leeds’ Service Manager for Detox and Harm Reduction said: “We recognise that moving away from prescribing and treatment can be quite a daunting or anxiety provoking thought for people. However equally we know with the right care and planning that it is the start of a new exciting life. This is the message we want to spread”.

Margaret continued: “The information sessions are a chance for our clients to get a good understand of what a detox involves. How the medical and therapeutic works together to ensure the client’s needs are addressed.”

Margaret added: ”We have also invited other services from across Leeds that provide opportunities for people leaving treatment to build on their recovery, meet new friends and take control of their lives again.”

The event will take place at all three of the Forward Leeds hubs across the city. Clients will be encouraged to ask themselves if they are ready for a detox and to ask staff about what their own personal options are for change.

The campaign will include having mutual aid groups such as Narcotics Anonymous, SMART groups and other external support organisations visiting the Forward Leeds hubs across the city for three days. Videos will be available from clients who have had a successful detox and staff members discussing how detox works.