Former Forward Leeds client starts running club

Adam Green, who was supported to stop drinking by Forward Leeds, has set up a running club at 5 WAYS for those in recovery from substance misuse.

Adam (pictured above, far right) has a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification and volunteers with Running Fit Yorkshire, a group that encourages people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to start and to get back into running.

Adam said: “5 WAYS had been such a massive help to me when I stopped drinking that I just wanted to try and give something back. Running was something I used to do when I was younger and I really enjoyed it, but then the drink and everything got in the way.”

“I’ve now got back into running and it helps me because it gets me out in the open, it clears my mind and afterwards I feel fantastic. It’s great, it gets you outdoors, it’s something anyone can do and it’s free. For the runners taking part down at 5 WAYS it’s doing something for themselves and then getting that sense of achievement at the end of it.”

5 WAYS manager Jo Byrden said: “When Adam contacted me with the idea of the running club I was delighted. As drug and alcohol professionals we’re well aware of the benefits of regular exercise to sustained recovery and personal wellbeing.

“Running in groups brings camaraderie and friendship and these kind of positive connections are so important. The club is open to all regardless of ability and we would welcome anyone in recovery to get in touch, join in and just get running.”

The new 5 WAYS based running group meets every Thursday evening at 6.30pm and undertake planned runs around the local area. Everyone is welcome to attend and nobody ever gets left behind.

As well as the benefits from running of being physically fitter and healthier studies have shown that running can have major psychological benefits as well†.

Over time regular physical exercise is associated with the ability to better process information and be more mentally focussed. Running can be a form of moving mindfulness meditation and can be a useful way to overcome stress and depression.

If you are interested in finding out more about the new Running Fit Leeds group at 5 WAYS please call 5 WAYS on 0113 887 2749 or email

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