Former Forward Leeds client releases charity single

Nick Davis, who was supported to quit drinking by Forward Leeds, has released a single and is donating the profits to Forward Leeds.

Nick’s song “The Battler” is based on a friend who was able to overcome her issues with heroin through the support of her friends, especially those in the groups that she attended.

Nick said: “The inspiration for the song is simply that we are all stronger together. It can apply to anyone in or out of addiction. For people with mental health issues, depression, facing unemployment whatever their problems, by talking about things and getting support it’s much easier to recover.

“Being a part of groups of people who have been through it or who are going through it is great. Just seeing someone who has come out the other side and is now in a better place is so inspiring.

“Any proceeds from this I wanted to go to Forward Leeds because they’re underfunded, overworked and they save lives”.

Forward Leeds Team Manager Andrew Price said: “This is a really thoughtful thing for Nick to do. I’ve known Nick for quite a few years. I know how much he appreciates the groups that we run at Forward Leeds as well as the extra support in the wider recovery community in Leeds, in which he now plays an important part.

“The song really sums up how one person’s recovery journey can also be universal”.

You can listen to Nick’s single The Battler on his Bandcamp page and you can buy a copy to download. All profits will go to Forward Leeds.