Some of the links we provide below will signpost you to sites, some ours and some other people’s, where you can find out the facts and decide for yourself what you want to do. It’s important to be informed and make your own choices based on sound knowledge.

Highs of Leeds – information about cannabis

Under 18s Guide to Alcohol

Drinkaware is a site for Independent alcohol advice, information and tools to help people make better choices about their drinking

Frank provides a range of general information to educate and inform people about drugs. It also provides a handy A-Z guide to drugs

Young People looking at phone

Kfx provides drugs education resources, training and other tools to help people who use drugs, people who work with drug users and their families and friends. All the resources on the website are free of charge.

Safe Sesh is a drugs harm reduction campaign by VICE, in collaboration with The Loop and the Royal Society for Public Health.

The Mix is the UK’s leading support service for young people. They cover everything from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from break-ups to drugs. helpline.

The Quit Cannabis app is a motivating program to help people who want to quit smoking cannabis and tobacco, and continue moving in the right direction. Download for Android Download for Apple

You might also find the following videos interesting.

Effects of cannabis on the teenage brain

A short animated video about the effects of cannabis on the brain.

Brain development, adolescence and short and long-term effects of cannabis/weed/pot are explained in simple language.

How Alcohol Affects Your Developing Brain

This video serves as an overview to introduce how the brain works, what neurotransmission is, and how alcohol negatively impairs regular function and development.

Under Construction: Alcohol and the Teenage Brain

Under Construction is a highly acclaimed 4 minute animation that discusses adolescent brain development and highlights the effects of alcohol and risky drinking on different brain regions, as well as its impact on behaviour.

The Hard Lives of Britain’s Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

Legal highs were outlawed by the British government in 2015 response to a growing number of news reports about students overdosing on the synthetic drugs after using them recreationally. On the eve of the ban, VICE travelled to Manchester to meet some more vulnerable users who have become addicted to these over-the-counter substances and discovered that solving the problem isn’t be as simple as making legal highs illegal.