Countryside activity break for 5 WAYS members

Canoeing, wall-climbing and archery were just some of the activities for 5 WAYS on a visit to the Yorkshire Dales

Members of 5 WAYS, the Leeds hub for those in recovery from issues with alcohol or drugs, enjoyed a trip to Marrick Priory Outdoor Education and Recreation Centre.

They also took part in high rope walks, walks in the countryside, campfires, quizzes and team-building exercises.

Senior Practitioner at 5 WAYS Helen Mason said: “It’s a great opportunity for people to discover new activities and try out new pastimes.

“It was really powerful watching people taking on the challenges, pushing past their fears and breaking free. It’s also a great way to spend time with people outside of the normal environment. There was a lot of laughter and jokes. A break like this can be such a lift for people – it’s the change itself that ”

5 WAYS were at Marrick Priory for three days from 10th-12th August.

5 WAYS member Michelle Parkinson said: “Thank you to the 5 WAYS team and all of the beautiful people who made this trip one hell of an amazing experience. I made some new friends and had the best time. I made some exciting and excellent memories.”

The trip was entirely funded by charitable donations to 5 WAYS and the members themselves who contributed to the costs.