During this outbreak of Coronavirus Forward Leeds is still open and operating.

We are changing face to face appointments to over the phone and some video appointments via Zoom. Our phone lines are open if you need to get in contact with us. We are urging people to make sure that we have the correct and most up to date contact details. It is still possible for you to get your prescriptions and we have measures in place for if you have to isolate. It may help you to update us with any family or friends that you give us consent to speak to.

Keeping Yourself Safe 

Keeping Yourself Safe links to all of our latest information surrounding Coronavirus. It covers:

  • Tips to stay safe whilst drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • Appointment Information
  • Coronavirus Symptoms
  • Online Support
  • Useful Links

Online Meetings and Resources 

Online Meetings and Resources  will take you to the 5 Ways page which has:

  • Details of our online meetings
  • Meditation Videos you can follow
  • Useful Self Recovery Resources
  • Details of Mutual Aid Meetings

Resources for professionals

Click on Resources for Professionals to access free to download social media images and leaflets.

The aim is to get messages out around alcohol and drugs during the coronavirus pandemic.