Celebrating our volunteers at Forward Leeds

The first week in June is national Volunteers Week, a time for us to say thank you for the contribution of our volunteers.

In May 2021 alone, volunteers have given 260 hours of time to Forward Leeds.

Volunteer Development Coordinator Danielle O’Connell said: “Volunteers play a huge part of the team here at Forward Leeds. This  Volunteer’s Week, I’d like to remind our volunteers just how valued they are. A lot of what we do at Forward Leeds wouldn’t happen without the time and passion they all give so give- so a big thank you from all the staff here.

“At Forward Leeds, we like to give people the chance to get hands-on experience volunteering in a drug and alcohol service, attend training to develop new skills and meeting others at one of our events. In May three former volunteers moved into employment with Forward Leeds.”

Some of the ways volunteers support Forward Leeds include

  • Running groups at 5 WAYS such (IT classes, mindfulness, music groups and mutual-aid groups)
  • Telephone service for clients who have recently left our service
  • Marketing especially involvement with our No Regrets responsible drinking campaign
  • Research
  • Admin support
  • Creating a range of resources for teams to use when supporting the people we work with

Volunteer Frederica Rodrigues (pictured above) said: “I don’t like to waste time being unproductive therefore I choose to, among others, become a volunteer in my free time.

“Apart from feeling useful, I am able to develop essential skills for the future, at the same time as I get to know people with different backgrounds than mine. I believe that with little time, one can make a big difference in other people’s lives. For that reason, I hold the opinion that everyone should volunteer!”