Busy marketplace event for Leeds services

Over 30 health and social care services from across Leeds came together at Kirkgate Market on Friday 30 September.

The event, organised by Forward Leeds, gave an opportunity for staff from a range of organisations to quickly and easily learn about the range of other services in the city.

Nina Sumner, a Recovery Coordinator at Forward Leeds, was one of the people who organised the event. Nina said: “It was incredible to see so many services in Leeds come together, have important discussions and create those strong links between teams.

“Being the first large networking event for health and social services in Leeds post-COVID, it was really heart-warming to see the community come together to show how we can all support those who need us.”

Manager at Engage Leeds, Khalid Din said: “Our teams from Engage found the Forward Leeds event on extremely beneficial. It enabled us to have some great conversations with people from other services and learn a lot about what’s out there. I came away from the event with a wealth of knowledge.

“It’s great to learn there are so many support services in Leeds offering such a wide range of help. The thing our staff enjoyed most was networking and talking to the general public about the service we offer. It was certainly an event that boosted the reputation of all the services present. A worthwhile event.”

An unexpected positive outcome on the day was that a member of the public self-referred to Forward Leeds on Friday after seeing the event in the market. He said that seeing the Forward Leeds staff made him realise he wanted to start making changes to improve his life. He picked up a leaflet and walked over to the Forward Leeds Kirkgate hub to start his recovery journey.

Thank you to Kirkgate Market for use of some of your photos