Our Bill on ITV Calendar News

Our very own Bill Owen, Early Intervention and Prevention Manager for the service, appeared on ITV Calendar News at 6pm on Tuesday 8th March.

New data from the Office of National Statistics released that day illustrated that the Yorkshire and Humber region, alongside North East and North West, has the third highest number of people drinking more than the recommended 14 units/week.

These new recommended weekly guidelines that came into effect on 8th January 2016 were the key point of discussion on the show. Bill explained some reasons why we might have such a high percentage of people drinking over the recommended units – it is a socially acceptable ‘drug’ that you can now get your hands on at any time of the day due to relaxed licensing laws.

Bill also highlighted that 14 units/week may not be realistic for some people so the real goal should be to reduce your alcohol intake to minimise the health harms they may cause. You can visit Like My Limit for more information and advice on how you can cut down. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Forward Leeds if you would like further help, advice and support to cut down your alcohol use.

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