Bard behaviour at 5 WAYS

Members of 5 WAYS are currently working towards putting on a performance of a Shakespeare play.

Drama North are running a twelve week drama course at 5 WAYS for those in recovery from alcohol and/or drugs. The course will lead to a public performance of Macbeth and is led by RADA trained actor and drama teacher Christabel Grasby.

Christabel said: “I wanted to work with 5 WAYS as I wanted a new challenge and I’ve been looking for a new way of offering therapy through drama. I’m looking to create a way that people can re-focus themselves and find a new direction or even a new self through drama.”

Christabel continued: “By immersing themselves in another story and another character, people can find new insights into their own story and at the same time perhaps see a new direction for themselves. We’re exploring the emotions and motivations of the characters in the play and this gives a fresh space for students to reflect on their own personal lives and relationships.

drama students at workshop


“As well as working towards a production of Macbeth there are lots of opportunities for the students to build self-confidence and self-esteem in the course. They will also experience the excitement and all the positive feelings that come with performance, when their friends and families can watch them re-born on the stage.”

Hank Smith who attends the drama group said: “The group is great and Christabel’s a really good director. It’s given me renewed confidence and vigour in doing drama. The course has highlighted that there are some people at 5 WAYS with real hidden talent.”

The course began in February and will lead to a full performance of Macbeth in Leeds for the general public in early April.