Another successful Open Mic Night for 5 WAYS

5 WAYS @ the Recovery Academy was packed again last Friday night for another sell out Open Mic Night.

The 5 WAYS Open Mic nights are an evening of creativity and a great night out.

They are  a celebration of the many accomplishments of those who have chosen to turn their back on drink and/or drugs.

Performers on the night included musicians, poets, comedians and spoken word performers.


Jem Stuart who performed poetry on the night said: “Driving home, I was struck by how people seemed to grow in confidence and stature when they were ‘on stage’. I also realised that of the “Five Ways to Wellbeing” – connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give – nights like these tick at least two, possibly three, boxes”.

Jem continued: “In the year or so that I’ve been attending open mics, not only has my confidence increased, but I’ve made some wonderful friends and had some of the most entertaining nights out I can ever remember; all without a drop to drink!”

Food as always was provided free of charge by Helen and Carla.

Singer with guitar poet guitar player spoken word performer